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COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

NOTE: This tool is not intended to provide medical advice. If you have medical questions, consult a healthcare provider or your local public health unit.


The COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool provides a user-friendly interface with a decision tree. It guides people through a series of plain-language questions and a symptom selector. People can answer the questions for themselves or on behalf of others to arrive at a result with recommendations on what to do next. The recommendations, based on the latest public health recommendations from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, include:

  • self-isolating
  • seeking assessment (get a COVID-19 test)
  • practising physical distancing

The main use cases for the self-assessment are to provide:

  • advice to those concerned they may have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19
  • a record of self-assessment to those who complete the assessment with no symptoms or other risk factors


The self-assessment is only meant as an aid for people in Ontario. It is not part of any specific regulatory or legislative guidance or required for participation in any government programs, services or funding. Users are free to follow or disregard recommendations of the tool at their own discretion. While anonymous data is collected around answers and results to aid in syndromic surveillance no records are kept of the decisions taken by users.

Potential impacts

Decisions made based on the results of the tool can impact the short-term medical seeking behaviour of people in Ontario.

Internal use policies

This is a tool made for public use and is not used as part of internal decision or policy making.

Technical description

The tool is implemented using Gatsby, which is a React-based, GraphQL powered static site generator. Because Gatsby compiles into static HTML/CSS/JS, it enables blistering performance and simple deployments.

Additional information

Geographic coverage
Maintainer branch
Ontario Digital Service
Last Validated Date
August 24, 2020
Update frequency
As required

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

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