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Crop Nutrient Calculator - AgriSuite Tool

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AgriSuite is the Ontario government’s agricultural and environmental suite of tools related to crop management, nutrient management and minimum distance separation

The Crop Nutrient Calculator is a calculator within AgriSuite that is used to determine crop nutrient needs and crop nutrient removal for a field. When county/township location, soil test values, planned crop and yield goal are provided, the crop nutrient needs and nutrient removal information is displayed. The information provided is based on Ontario data and nutrient guidelines. The corn nitrogen calculator is also incorporated into this calculator.


The information provided by the Crop Nutrient Calculator helps crop producers determine the amount of nutrients that are required to maximize economic crop yields. The difference between nutrient recommendations from soil test values and nutrients removed by a crop at harvest can lead to nutrient imbalances over a period of several crop rotations. Using field and crop data the Crop Nutrient calculator helps to balance nutrient applications to maintain soil fertility levels in a range that supports agronomic production but minimizes excessive soil fertility that increases risk of nutrient loss to the environment.

The Crop Nutrient calculator allows farmers and crop consultants to quickly and easily assess nutrient requirements for each crop in the rotation and use these calculations to project fertilizer and amendment needs and application schedules.


This calculator is a part of the AgriSuite online set of tools. Calculators in AgriSuite are used to develop both voluntary and regulatory Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans for producers needing to comply with Ontario’s Nutrient Management regulations. They provide opportunities for planning and recordkeeping on a farm/field basis for crop nutrient needs/removal, fertilizer and manure application.

When used together, these calculators can help determine best agronomic and economic practices with respect to crop nutrient management. Environmental risk indicators are included to help prevent nutrient loss to nearby water sources. Learn more about the AgriSuite tool set and the use of this calculator here.

Potential impacts

Decisions made from using the crop nutrient calculator will help determine which fields require nutrients from fertilizer and/or organic amendments to maximize economic crop yield while minimizing negative environmental impact. Decisions made based on the results of the combined calculators have the capacity to target nutrients to where economic return is highest and to improve nutrient balances by examining crop needs over a crop rotation or multiple growing seasons while considering the health of nearby water sources.

Internal use policies

The information can be saved, shared and printed by the user. Information is not accessible to anyone beyond those selected by the user.

Government staff have access to this calculator and tool set to help support policy development and emergency management response activities. There are no requirements or guidance on when, how or if these tools should be used. The Nutrient Management team at OMAFRA often uses AgriSuite tools when reviewing submitted plans and strategies. Learn more about Ontario's Nutrient Management program here.

Technical description

The Crop Nutrient calculator was developed by OMAFRA, it uses databases based on science, field and lab data collected or relevant to the province of Ontario.

Nutrient guidelines are current for all field and horticultural crops. AgriSuite is an on-line web browser based product that allows users to complete calculations quickly or alternatively sign in as an authenticated user to save and potentially share their work with people they choose.

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