Queen and nucleus colony permits issued

This data provides a record of queen and nucleus colony permits issued to beekeepers in Ontario for the sale of honey bee stock. Honey bees are sold to beekeeping operations within Ontario to expand or replenish stocks of bees and to improve or diversify genetic stock.

The Bees Act is the legislation that regulates beekeeping in Ontario. Its goal is to protect the health of honey bees and includes requirements for selling or transferring ownership of honey bees and used beekeeping equipment in Ontario. Queen and nucleus colony permits are issued for the sale of honey bees only. This permit does not allow for used equipment sales. This permit type allows beekeepers to make multiple sales from all of their registered yards, unless otherwise specified on the permit.

The data includes:

  • operation name
  • date of issuance
  • date of permit expiry

Additional information

Last Validated Date
July 11, 2024
Update frequency
As required

Queen and nucleus colony permits issued

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