Trillium List of approved textbooks (Kindergarten to Grade 12) for use in Ontario schools

The Trillium List is a list of all textbooks that the Minister of Education has approved for teachers to use for students in kindergarten to Grade 12.

Textbooks on the Trillium List go through rigorous evaluation by a team of Ontario-based education experts. Each textbook aligns with the Ministry of Education’s criteria, such as the current curriculum.

School boards and school authorities are responsible for selecting textbooks for use in schools. They use the Trillium List to identify which textbooks are formally approved, with the assurance that every title on the list meets the ministry’s high standards.

You can search the Trillium list by:

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Or with key words such as:

math, mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, English, French, business studies, business, technology, history, health, phys-ed, physical education, language, languages, social studies, Canadian and World Studies, Canadian Studies, World Studies, French As a Second Language, FSL, Core French, Guidance and Career Education, guidance, career, careers, Social Science, Humanities

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Trillium List of approved textbooks (Kindergarten to Grade 12) for use in Ontario schools

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