Provincially licensed meat plants

This data identifies all provincially licensed abattoirs, abattoirs that conduct further processing, freestanding meat plants, and plants that specialize in the slaughter of the following animals across the province of Ontario:

  • alpaca, llama
  • beef
  • buffalo, yak
  • deer, elk
  • emus, ostrich, rhea
  • goats, lamb, sheep
  • pigs
  • veal, light calves
  • chicken, fowl
  • ducks, geese
  • fancy poultry
  • rabbits
  • turkey

A map showing all provincially licensed meat plants in Ontario is also available. For more information on meat inspection in Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair’s website.

Each dataset contains the following data:

  • plant name
  • plant number
  • contact information
  • latitude and longitude coordinates
  • animal class

Additional information

Geographic coverage
Last Validated Date
April 29, 2024
Update frequency
As required

Provincially licensed meat plants

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